• Website Design.
    Our web design projects are made with hierarchy plan and strategy. There are several stages during the process of a web design project, and every stage is important to achieve a positive end result.
    In order to proceed to the research phase, you need to gather information and know what the project is about, which technology is required, the target audience, goals, content, etc.

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  • Logo/branding Design.
    The purpose of branding a project is to establish an identity that makes up a positive impression at first seen.
    Positive Impression is exacly what the marketing people try to do when they brand a product. For instance, like the Coca-Cola Company hopes that you feel good about their products and that you will choose their products from a crowded store shelf because you like the image and emotion associated with it.

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  • PRINT DESIGN (brochures/business cards/banners/flyers/signs).
    We offer a full range of design services including postcards, brochures, business cards, flyers, and business identity materials such as logos, letterhead and envelopes. We can also design your logo to produce an effective marketing.

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  • Adobe Illustration Examples
    Illustrator drawn to all sorts of handmade processes. We find them so exiting, from the incredible textures created by illustrator, to the sharp quality of screen printing ink. We incorporate everything into the work to add authentic character to any project.



  • Adobe Photoshop Examples
    Photoshop is one of the favorite Professional software that use for creativity! Can easily consider to be an expert in Photoshop!


Strategy is our friend:

strategy, plan, build and promote

Kustombridge designs are made with dedications, time, love, and lots of professional skills.


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