• PHOTOSHOP designS Photoshop designS created with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 and lots of love. In this yearly round-up kustombridge has created great designs. It covers Illustrating & Painting, Photo Manipulation, Poster Design, Text Effects, Abstract Drawing and Special Effects.

"Photoshop", What is it Good For?


Technically speaking, Photoshop is an application for manipulating imagery (forgive me for stating the obvious there) but it’s also packed with tools for building graphics from scratch. Shape, vector, type, fills and effects, all of these (and more) lend themselves very well to constructing graphic layouts.

Not too long ago, web browsers were incapable of directly generating these kinds of effects themselves, but they could display bitmap images perfectly well. In order to explore graphic design within a browser it was only logical to reach for Photoshop, create your visuals, save them as images and use them within a web page. Gradients, shadows, patterns, angles; all easy to create with Photoshop’s tools – not too easy to create with anything else.

Building for the web was also relatively complex (far less streamlined than nowadays) so mocking up a layout in Photoshop was always going to be easier and quicker than battling with Dreamweaver. Why wouldn’t you design in a graphics application, get approval from the client, then actually build for the web? Today’s designers have grown up using Photoshop because it offered the quickest way to visualize a hi-fidelity design concept.

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