Your Website Maintenance:


    Website maintenance is essential to continuously maintain your website up to date. It is considered a must for all the website owners to ensure the code is up to date. This makes your website almost hassle-free, so you can concentrate on what is important improving your products or business instead.

  • Why should you choose my Website Maintenance Service:

    - Keeping the Website Updated :

    It deals with updating the current content including company's information, personal information and any other textual content of the website. It may include inserting new graphics depending on the industry the company operates. One of the things that can help you distinguish your website from the competitors is how often you update your content.

    If search engine's spider crawl your website every month and find nothing has changed, they are less likely to come back and index your website for search. Updating content on regular basis can remedy this situation and invite the search engine spiders to re-index your site more frequently.

  • - Link validation:

    It is a typical part of all web maintenance services. It includes microscopic scanning of all pages to ensure that there are no dead links.

  • - Image optimization:

    Images on a website occupy most of the spaces. Optimizing these images is one way of making sure that they load faster on a customer's browser page. It is a major part in web maintenance as it directly affects the loading speed and performance of your website.


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